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For over 22 years, Hemisphere GNSS has been designing and manufacturing innovative and cost-effective GNSS and complimentary products for positioning, guidance, and machine control applications. We have established numerous patents and other intellectual property and are a global company with sales in more than 55 countries. Our innovative receiver and antenna technology are sold on the board level to OEM integrators and as positioning and navigation components for use in marine, mapping, survey applications, and more.


Hemisphere has succeeded by offering the right level of technology for the application. We provide application specific solutions that directly improve performance so that customers immediately realize the benefits and value. The Company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, with a product development, sales and marketing facility in Calgary, Alberta.


Our GNSS products are focused on marine, land survey, construction, mapping, and OEM solutions. Through high precision positioning and heading components we address a wide variety of location-based requirements, including hydrographic surveying, navigation, GIS data collection and mapping, marine dredging, machine control, and other applications that require reliable real-time sub-meter centimeter positioning. Our Earthworks machine guidance and control products significantly improve productivity, job quality and profitability for construction contractors. Hemisphere’ innovative, cost-effective technologies fit a variety of applications and business segments – from excavation to automated steering to marine navigation – we develop solutions to fit the need.





Our Crescent® GNSS receivers have established a new benchmark for performance, versatility and value. A variety of accuracy and feature options include Differential GNSS (DGNSS) accuracies of 60cm to our centimeter-level RTK solutions. Patented GNSS features such as e-Dif® and COAST™ are also available. The same performance is available in our patented Crescent Vector™ products. They operate as a GNSS compass, processing GNSS data from two antennas to deliver accurate heading that is required for many machine guidance and control applications. Eclipse™ multi-GNSS technology delivers the highest level of performance and versatility with GNSS and GLONASS support. Horizontal accuracies of one centimeter are possible through RTK or post-processed solutions. Eclipse technology provides the ability to track and process a wide range of GNSS signals including current and modernized GNSS, GLONASS, SBAS and the future Galileo system signals.